How do I monitor if my AppSmith instance is up and running

As an engineer, I want to monitor my AppSmith instance with a tool like Pingdom or Uptime Robot. Is there an URI on AppSmith that I can use for that. I’m currently using “/”, but this is not a working properly, because when AppSmith have problems starting up and shows the error page, Pingdom still interprets as if AppSmith is up.

So, I wonder if AppSmith responds to an URI like “/healthcheck” returning an error HTTP status code if it’s not working properly.

Partially answering my own question. We are now using “/api/v1/users/features” endpoint to determine if the AppSmith is healthy. But we are still not sure if this is the best way to go.

Hi @dmelo , sorry you didn’t get a response on this earlier.

For instances running v1.9.3+ , users can hit /api/v1/health. This endpoint checks if the end to end connection with Redis, MongoDB and Java backend server are up.