How do I manage global users on self-hosted community edition?

How do I manage global access for users on a self-hosted instance of Appsmith? I created a user and have access to the admin settings, but I don’t see a list of other users. My colleague signed up and started using Appsmith, but I have no visibility into the apps he has created or what he even has access to…

@sscovil We will be releasing the RBAC feature soon on the Business edition, which will give admins granular control over what applications or workspaces other users have access to. Is this what you are looking for?

Yes, I believe that is what I’m looking for. I was hoping this functionality would be available in the Community Edition. At the very least, having some visibility into who has created an account in Appsmith seems pretty important. Maybe I can use Appsmith to use its own database as a datasource…


I am also looking for some visibility on users.
Is there a way to use internal database of appsmith as a datasource ?

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Asking this question today through their chat app, also looking for this. I have a number of users who have signed up with invalid email addresses, then when they go to fix it, the leave the wrong account in also, which they then sign in on later and say they can’t get in?!! Need to delete those invalid accounts. How do I do that?

Hi! Sorry for the late response.
Do you have a custom authentication setup or your users make use of the default Appsmith sign up?

Hi, We understand the importance of global user management in Community Edition. we’re tracking this feature on the below ticket, please feel free to add any additional information not on this thread.