How do I link to an AppSmith Page?

From an Appsmith table cell, how can link (href) to another Appsmith page?

For example i’d like to click on a serial number within a cell and be taken to my serial numbers page, passing the clicked serial number as a url parameter.

I’ve managed to make this work by converting the cell to a button (reformatting the style to look like standard text) and then using navigateTo onClick, but i’d much rather use a URL for this.
Is there an easy way to generate a URL for a named page? Or do i have to hardcode the URL with the long id string included?


The most reliable way I’ve seen to link between Appsmith pages is with the functionality that you mentioned – using a Button with:

// Page1 Button's onClick
navigateTo("MyPage", {"serial", 12345}) // can open in new tab with "NEW_WINDOW" as third argument

// Page2, accessing the param with
appsmith.URL.serial => 12345

Can you let us know about why it is preferable to have a direct link / href to the other app page? Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: I made an error in the above sample; instead of appsmith.URL.serial, the correct way to access a URL param called “serial” is: