How do I get the updated version of data from a Table Widget?

I have a query called ‘write_data_3C’ which is supposed to take data from a table and write it to a Google Sheet when the button is clicked.

I also have a JS Object which is called checkBox, it has a function called ‘options’ that is supposed to take Table data and perform some basic math and then return the result.

What I’m not clear on is why my write_data_3c function is writing the data as it would appear before that basic math has been performed.

I’ve tried the following, and it’s writing the data as it was before checkBox.options was run.
{{ )}}

I also tried creating another table on the page to run checkBox.options(), and then having my submit button use the data from the new table but I get the same result.

I’ve used console.log() on my return data to confirm that what is being returned by checkBox.options() is correct, but still I’m seeing the original data passing through.

I’m not sure what I’m overlooking, any ideas?

Hi there!
Can i simply suggest that you do everything within your jsObject and then just call the jsObject like so {{JsObject.myFunc2()}}