How do I get the application url other than from application UI after importing the json file into new instance

The automation scripting is going on for deployment of the appsmith application in our server. Application will be hosted as html file and thus we need the appsmith url of the application without looking into the UI. Is there any other method to find out the url after importing it as json file into new appsmith instance.

Hello Ginjo,

I believe there isn’t a direct way to get the URL without looking into the UI. One way to do this is you can form the URL by finding the application slug, default page’s id and slug from the different API responses if this is possible from your automation scripting. The URL pattern for the application is,


Also please note that the app would not work if you have any data sources present in the imported JSON which are not configured already in the Appsmith instance.

@vishnugp can you suggest any other way to find the url like from the docker files or from any of the local storage files in the appsmith folder or any database backup files of the application ? Is there any possible ways ?

@Ginjo Unfortunately, the URL itself would not be present in any of these places. The above-mentioned parts of data would also be present in the database, so instead of an API call, you will be able to query the database to get the parts and then form the URL from that.

@vishnugp ok understood. How can i get database of appsmith instance which is installed locally?

You would have to SSH into the docker container and connect to the locally running Mongo DB instance if you are running appsmith-ce or appsmith-ee image.

@vishnugp ok thanks . will try it and let you know.

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