How do I get log details of the application which I built using Appsmith

I need to get tracking of the errors for the ease of customer support . Is there any activity tracking takes place inside the applications ? If yes how to get the details ?

@Ginjo Are you referring to Audit logs? - tracking activity for eg: who made changes to the app? If yes, here’s the link to track the feature - [Epic] Audit Logs · Issue #3439 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub . Note that this will be available only on the Enterprise version.

@dancia Audit logging is there in my application already . I need to track the errors if any, while the user is playing with the application for the ease of trouble shooting .

@Ginjo I checked with the team and as of today logging app errors is not in the scope of Audit Logs. I have added this use case as a comment on the same Github issue. Please feel free to upvote and comment on it too.

@dancia Ok thanks for the update.