How do I download data as csv?

I have read data from SQL and want to download it as csv.

Quoting response from Hetu:

function() {
    const csvRows =;
    const objArr = [];
    const headers = csvRows[0].split(',');
        for(let i = 1; i < csvRows.length; i++) {
            const rowObj = {};
            const rowArr = csvRows[i].split(',');
            rowArr.forEach((val, index) => {
                rowObj[headers[index]] = val;
    download(objArr, "AllData.csv", "data:text/csv")
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There is also a download button available with table widget which can be used to download data as a csv or excel sheet.

This code is not working at all, it makes an array, but not a csv…

here is the working code:

	var json =;
	var fields = Object.keys(json[0]);
	var csv ={
			return JSON.stringify(row[fieldName])
	csv = csv.join(String.fromCharCode(10));
	download(csv, "AllData.csv", "data:text/csv");

I really don’t know why I was forced to use String.fromCharCode(10) and not \n, but otherwise it was giving me an error.