How do I display Plaint Text / Numbers correctly in Table?

I have data in column that has ID of employees, there are two types of ID number formats.

  1. All Numbers
  2. All Numbers with alphabet “V” at the end.

Table is only displaying the results with V at the end (format 2), when I switch the data type to Plain Text or Numbers nothing changes.

How do I display both of these types in one column?

Using google sheet as the datasource.

@o2d Checking this with the team. In the meantime, can you try changing the column format in Google Sheet from Automatic to Plain Text and see if that works?

I have already tried this and it doesn’t seem to work.

@o2d Apologies for the issue. This is a bug at our end, and we are treating it as a critical fix. You can track the issue here - [Bug]: Google Sheets - Issue with a column that has different data types · Issue #15444 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

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Hi @dancia ,

Thank you for the update, will be following the issue in github and hope it gets fixed soon.