How do I Disable a "Container" widget?


I have a container with a bunch of different widgets. I want all the widgets inside the container to get disabled based on a condition.

I noticed that the Container widget only supports Visible property and not Disabled.
What’s the best way to disable all child widgets inside the container at once?

I do not want to specify a condition at the Disabled property of each child widget. Too many widgets, and making any change is too painful.

IMHO, it would have been best if the container widget supported the Disabled property.

@innomalous Yes, the Container widget does not have a Disabled property. However, you can possibly do this using storeValue.
Create a JSObject where you will specify the condition and assign true/false to the store variable.

Bind this store variable in the Disabled property JS of each widget {{}}

You’ll only have to figure out how the JSObject will be triggered, for eg: on a button click, or when a text in the input widget is changed. etc.
Based on the trigger, the JS Object will check for the condition and assign true/false and the widget will automatically get enabled/disabled.

Hope that helps. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other queries.