How do I delete a user?

How can I delete a user (administrator)? I’ve tried deleting via the Manage Users page but that doesn’t work.

They forgot their password and for some reason they aren’t receiving the email to reset their password. Email seems to work as I receive the test email.

Is there a way to delete them directly in MongoDB?



i am using OnPremise Version, so i am not sure, if the Cloud version works similar.
For OnPrem:

Organisation Settings → Members → the action “delete” works for me.


I tried that but whenever the user tries to sign up again, Appsmith comes back with ‘There is an account already registered with this email …’

This user has administrative rights so maybe that’s causing an issue?

@tallyboy91 delete will only remove the user from the organization but not the instance.
Can you try enabling Google OAuth and asking the user to signup using that mode of authentication?
That should overwrite their original form login since it’s more secure
They can also try looking for their recovery email in their spam folder