How can I read HttpOnly session cookies from my browser while making an API call

I need to pass sessionId from my browser while making API calls to my backend API. How can I do that?

Hello and welcome to our community! Could you please elaborate on your use case and workflow to help us better understand what you are trying to achieve with your app?

I want to pick a cookie which is stored in my browser. I have a separate application which runs under the same domain as appsmith. I need to call some APIs which are in that application, but they require a session based information to validate the request.

So how can I pick the cookies from my browser and send them as a part of all the HTTP requests?

We have this feature request on our roadmap: [Feature]: Support document.cookie · Issue #12859 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub
Could you please add a comment with your use case on GitHub to help us prioritize it?

Here is another GitHub issue that you can upvote and comment with your use case: [Bug]: Bind session/server-side cookies to every request · Issue #15740 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

@stiwari are you trying to share the login information across these 2 applications? Is there any reason you don’t use the appsmith login or a common SSO provider?