How can I correctly connect GitHub version control on Windows Self-hosted Appsmith?

Hi, I’m facing an issue on a self-hosted Appsmith instance on a Windows 11 machine. As in the object I tried to connect to a GitHub repository but unsuccessfully and I can assure that all the steps I followed are the same as the tutorial and the same I used on my MacBook machine where I’ve never experienced this error. I leave the screenshot of the error.

Hi @Gianluca,

Can you please share the backend logs from the machine. Since you mentioned that you have followed all the steps, i am unsure on what is the root cause. But from the error message it looks like either the ssh key is not added to the repo or the Appsmith is unable to contact to the remote repo.

You can share the logs directly here or to my email anagh at


Hi @anagh,
sorry for the late response but I was a lot busy with some university’s exams.
I’ll send you an email with the screen shot of the browser console (I don’t know where the logs are stored).
Thanks for the support,

Hey @Gianluca,

You can find the logs in /appsmith-stacks/logs/backend directory of the file system.