How can I change a user's email

I am exploring AppSmith and have a typo in my admin user email. I can login with the wrong email, but this is does not help me if I ever want to send emails.

I have full admin access to the system. Is there a way that I can change the email? Is it somewhere in a config file or Mongo that I can edit?


Hello and welcome! Please try the solution from this documentation on how to configure a superuser.

I have superuser access and the email is correct there.

Where it is wrong is if I click on my initials in the circle in the upper right, the email in the popup menu has the typo. If I click on “Edit Profile” in the pop-up menu, I see the same incorrect email listed above “Reset Password.”

How do I change that?

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I think you might have to edit this directly in MongoDB in the user collection.

I ended up changing the information in the user collection as suggested and then Appsmith refused to load. It seems to have broken it. I am not entirely sure why as I only changed items in the user collection.

Regardless, it was not a huge deal as I just rebuilt it from scratch. As a reminder to a future me and other readers, all of the config data lives in ~/stacks, and you have to remove that to do a clean install.

@jl_678 My sincere apologies for the issue. Let me check with the team on what would have been the ideal solution to this.

Checked with the team and the conclusion is that changing the emails of existing users is near-impossible/way-too-involved so in your case, the best course of action would be to signup as a separate user with the correct email, and make this new account also another superuser. Please feel free to reach out in case of any other queries.

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Thank you. I appreciate the follow-up and clarification. I wonder if this might be helpful for inclusion in an FAQ somewhere.