Heroku Setup With MongoDb Not Working

I have followed the setup on the app smith site to setup with Heroku and mongoDb. However the app will not start.

Originally I tried with a serverless instance of MongoDb in Atlas (to save costs), but that yielded an error saying something like MongoParseError: Text record must only set authSource or replicaSet so then I changed to a dedicated server and now I am getting the following:

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

So I added a /test at the end of my mongoDb connection string, then things started working. I hope this helps someone. I am still keen to use a serverless database - if anyone knows how to do that please share!

@tudes Unfortunately, we do not support MongoDB Atlas Serverless instances for Appsmith deployment.

And just FYI, we also have a separate but related issue when connecting to the native MongoDB datasource on Appsmith - [Feature]-[12000]:Support MongoDB Serverless by upgrading MongoDB driver · Issue #9012 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub