Have table widget show all rows (no pagination)?

I am using a table widget that is populated from an API. That all works great! What I would like to do is have the # of table rows grow to match the number of returned data items. For my API this is only up to 50 items (not too much data).

Currently, the table widget automatically sets up pagination for 10 rows based on the size of the table. My table happens to be at the bottom of my UI so having it grow based on the number of returned rows from the API would not be a problem.

Either having the table automatically grow the number of rows on a single table page would be great or being able to dynamically set the # of rows per table page would be great (seems to be a read only property for # of rows per table page?)

Any thoughts on how I can grow the table based on the # of returned rows? Thanks!

@sstava Unfortunately as of today, there is no way to change the height of the table dynamically to fit the rows. We have an open issue to track this feature - [Epic] Dynamically Change height for widgets (New Size Options for Container and other widgets) · Issue #11038 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

Until then, you would either have to keep the table height to accommodate up to 50 rows or continue to use pagination.

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@sstava you can also enable server side pagination and simply return 50 rows at once. The table will, accommodate all the rows with a scroll

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Thanks! I will give this a try