Have a page receive POST parameters

I’m interested in using AppSmith to provide tools for my courses through LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability). LTI initiates a connection by POST parameters to the tool at launch.

Is there a way that I can have a page in an app receive POST parameters and act on them in a JSObject?

@ToddWhittaker You can pass parameters to a query’s run function and access it using this.params.key - https://docs.appsmith.com/framework-reference/run#passing-params-to-run

Also, you can access the data returned by the POST response by using {{ApiName.key}}

I don’t quite think that answers my question. I don’t want to send a POST request. I want to receive one.

I would like an external web-application to send a POST request to an Appsmith page and I would like to access those parameters from within JavaScript on that page. I know I have access to the GET request URL parameters through appsmith.URL.queryParams. But I want to do that with a POST.

@ToddWhittaker Apologies for the confusion. I don’t think there is a direct way to do this on Appsmith today. In this case, a third-party tool like n8n would help if you use their Webhook

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Thanks. For the record in case somebody else comes searching and finds this, I found LTI-as-a-service through https://ltiaas.com/. It will handle all the authentication and then hand me a token (via a GET-based redirect URL parameter) that I can use with their API to do everything I would like.

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