Handling empty field values in validation

What is the best way to prevent errors on field validation like this? In this case, I want the End Date to be a minimum of one day after the Start Date. Until my Start Date has been input, this is invalid.

Something like this?

{{ input_startDate.selectedDate ? moment(input_startDate.selectedDate).add(1, ‘d’).format() : moment().format() }}


If the Start Date has not been entered yet and you want to allow the user to enter an End Date that’s later than ‘today’, you can use {{input_startDate.selectedDate ? moment(input_startDate.selectedDate).add(1, ‘d’).format() : moment().format()}} in the Min Date property of your end date.
However, if you want to allow any minimum end date if there is no start date defined, you can simply use {{input_startDate.selectedDate ? moment(input_startDate.selectedDate).add(1, ‘d’).format() : ""}}.