Grab single column from query

Sorry, i think it is a very simple task, but i am js beginner.
I have an sql query result. I want to grab a value of a single Column in an Input Field.

What is the JS command for that?

@franz You were so close. Try {{}}

We all start as beginners :slight_smile: Please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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i thought the same, but {{}} is empty :frowning:

I see that your query is returning an array of objects. So to get this result you would have to use {{[0].email}}

Also in your case it looks like you editing user details by selecting a row in the table. In that case it would be better to bind it as {{}}

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Ok, now i know my fault!! I tried a lot of options… I tried e.g. {{}} instead of {{[0].email}} this one works :slight_smile:

to get the data from table worked, but the table data isn´t the same values, as the data from query. That why i have to grab the query data.

But thank you a lot!