Google Sheets Spreadsheet limitations?


i want to read/import an Google Sheet Spreadsheet to an AppSmith Table. Is there an limitation of Lines/Data for it? The File contains aprox. 17000 Lines.

i get this Message.

“Exceeded limit on max bytes to buffer : 10485760”


Is there an way to avoid it ?


Hey @franz, you can handle this using Pagination.

Please watch this video; this will help you configure:

Do let us know if you still see the error even after pagination.

i did the pagination for already. For smaller Spreadsheet with 1000 lines it works with pagination. But it seems a maximum of rows ? what does the error: “Exceeded limit on max bytes to buffer : 10485760” means.

Hey @fraz, sorry for the delay.

The error you see is because of the limitation issue. We don’t stream data into memory right now, so we can’t handle large datasets for Google Sheets. We’ll be working on the streaming feature soon.