Google sheet Row Limit from "fetch sheet"


for a query of all of the lines of a google sheet. I need the Row Limit from the Sheet. I get it from “fetch sheet” but how i get the row Count as result…

i have problem to get the single value instead of the array data.

i expected:
but it is empty.


@franz what does {{[table_sheets.selectedRow.index].gridProperties}} show in evaluated value?

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crazy, today it work with :

But it seems the max size of tables are limited…

@franz it seems you have a lot of data in your sheet. The limit you should pass to the Google Sheet Query is the pageSize of the table you are displaying the sheet records in. So you should add a small value like 20 or {{Table1.pageSize}} with an offset and configure server side pagination

yeah i tried:

Row Offset set to {{(table_content.pageNo - 1) * table_content.pageSize}}
Row Limit set to {{table_content.pageSize}}
the “table_content” is set to server side pagination.

The first 22 Rows will be loaded now. But i can´t open the next page.

the manual says:

  1. Enable the server-side pagination property in the table
  2. Call the API / Query onPageChange
  3. Configure pagination in the API / Query

but 2 and 3 looks like an description for sql ?? It is trickier than expected.

Are the “Where Conditions” in the google fetch didn´t work with strings? I tried for Example :
Columnname test == testvalue
=> without any result.

Hey! Here is a sample app for pagination that you can fork - Appsmith

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@pranav thank you very much.
I didn´t run the “onpagechange” Query Action. Changed that, and now works fine.

Just confusion, that table pagination is not showing the count of rows and the total amount of pages.