Google OAuth - multiple

I manage three separate/distinct Google Workspaces.

Is it possible to set up Google OAuth for Appsmith to be able use all three Google Workspaces with unique domains?
These instructions are for a single instance of Google in terms of the webapp, creds, etc.

Hi Jo,
I want to understand your question better.
Do you want your users to be able to login using any one the three domains but still access the same account?

Yes. Each domain is on its own Google Workspace.
So the users exist in (3) distinct Google Workspaces with different domains.

But I’d like users from all three Workspaces to be able to login to my single Appsmith with Google OAuth.

I am assuming that each Workspace would need its own app/clientid/secret.
Can multiple clientIDs/secrets be entered in the docker config for the (3) Workspaces? Or is that even necessary/possible?

Example docker configuration

******** Google OAuth ********



I understood your question now. You might not need to set up multiple Oauth accounts. The Google oauth setup is to enable your Appsmith account to accept Google sign-in.
So any Google account will be able to sign in to the same Appsmith instance once you set up your Oauth credentials. Let me know if you’d like to me try signing up to your instance to test this.

@jo-cpa the APPSMITH_OAUTH2_ALLOWED_DOMAINS variable takes in a CSV of domains so all of the domains you specify will be allowed,,

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Thank you @Nikhil and @Abhishek
I did not realize this was possible. It works!