Google API calls from user (in stead of from developer)


In our current setups, API call setups to Google are stored in the developer friendly environment Datasources (Authenticated API). The developer authorizes these setups. When any user uses the app, the calls to Google are made by the developers Google account.

I would like the user to be able to authorize the Google API calls in his/her name. So that, for example, he/she can see the items in his/her MyDrive (in stead of the developers MyDrive).
Is there any way to let the current user authorize the Authenticated API, preferably in a permanent way for his/her browser?

@AAQUA thanks for reaching out to us about this request.

From the post above the requirements are clear to me. Although, I am not sure about how it would help you? I’d like to understand the use case behind this request. Can you explain, what kind of app your are working on? It’ll help me create an informed feature request on your behalf.

Better yet, do it yourself using the following link?- Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Thank you, pranav, for your kind reply.

To be short, I’m developping an app for our company where, for now, users should be able to

  • Mail another user (on their behalf)
  • Put in Google Calendar entries in his own, or another Google Calendar within the company. Ideally, the user of the destined Calendar should be able to see who put the entry in his/her Calendar (this is a feature that is available in Google Calender).

I think this will solve the issue - [Feature] Make OAuth User Specific · Issue #3313 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub