GitHub Private Repo: Getting Invalid remote: origin

Steps I took

  1. Created private repo in our org
  2. Added SSH (RSA) deploy key with write permissions
  3. Set up connection, but when I click connect I get:

Git configuration is invalid. Details: Invalid remote: origin

I find nothing in the forum search for invalid remote
I have triple checked the deploy key
I have cloned the repo locally with no issues

Digging in deeper, its appears the RSA keys being generated are SHA-1 which isn’t allowed anymore, from error logs:

Caused by: org.eclipse.jgit.errors.NoRemoteRepositoryException: ERROR: You're using an RSA key with SHA-1, which is no longer allowed. Please use a newer client or a different key type.
backend stdout | Please see for more information.

@fpmoles for github instead of the RSA option, can you try with the ECDSA option?

That was why I posted the stack trace in my response

@fpmoles I don’t understand your response. I see your stack trace and it says you’re using the RSA version of the key which is no longer supported. I’ve recommended trying to use the ECDSA key as I’ve shared in the screenshot above. Did I miss something?