Getting two scrollbars is creating a bad UX

I have a page and a table in that page. I am getting two scrollbars while scrolling the content one for table and for the page. I want to remove the scrollbar for one of this. Is it possible to remove page scrollbar?

@lavanya1 can you share a screenshot?

@lavanya1 As of today the vertical scrollbar on the Table widget appears only when you hover over it. We will be fixing the horizontal scrollbar soon too.

You can also use serverside pagination to restrict the table page to show as many rows as to fit the page size so that you don’t have to use the vertical scroll - Display Data in Tables - Appsmith

There is one case when the page size does not fit the last row, the vertical scrollbar appears. We’ll be fixing this as part of this issue - [Feature]-[8000]:Table widget should not show scroll bars when it's not focused or being hovered on · Issue #3744 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

Screenshot 2022-06-14 142338

Scrollbar is visible for serverside pagination also.

@lavanya1 This will be fixed with the Dynamic Height feature we are currently working on. For now, could you try adjusting the height of the table to fit the visible rows and see if the vertical scrollbar is still visible? thanks

Hi @dancia, I tried by adjusting table height still it showing the scrollbar. The problem is getting two scrollbars. I want one scrollbar. what about the page scrollbar. Is it possible to remove ?

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