Fix keyboard navigation order

I am brand new to AppSmith and built my first proof-of-concept app yesterday but running into an issue.

The keyboard navigation order is not working logically on my app. I would expect the fields to get focus in the sequence from left to right and top to bottom as I hit the tab key. However, in my case focus is jumping to fields all over the screen.

How is the tab key focus determined in AppSmith? Also, where do I change this order for my app.

Your help will be much appreciated!



Hi Khahlid and welcome! As of today, the order in which the fields get focused is the order in which you added them to the canvas. However, improving the form widget keyboard accessibility is on our roadmap: [Feature] Improving form widget keyboard accessibility · Issue #7757 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub
Please upvote this feature request and comment with your use case on GitHub, as it will help us prioritize it.
This is currently the workaround that you can use.

Hi Amelia,

Thank you for your reply.

I was hoping for a better workaround than redrawing the app but understand that is the only option.

I will upvote the feature request.

Thanks again!