Firewall ports to run appsmith with docker

I’m running appsmith with docker desktop in Windows 10 but this systems ir runninf behind a firewall, someone can provide me the destination and ports to open in the firewall??

Logs of docker desktop show this message; finishConnect(…) failed: Connection refused:;

This is the only destination or I need open more destinations?

The docker_compose.yml file has the ports needed - 80 and 443

    container_name: appsmith
      - "80:80"
      - "443:443"


I opened in firewall the access to port 80/443 and Docker Hub 80/443, the appsmith dashboard run correctly but I see some errors, if I click in the tab Templates the images dont load correctly and if I start the Welcome Tour I cant see any data,

Do you known about others firewall permissions to open in firewall?


Hi! Can you share a screenshot of the errors you get? Do you get any errors in the browser’s console?