Feedback - Feature Suggestions after 1st week using appsmith_

Hello guys, great product and community here

Is there a way to submit a feature request here? I have a few:

  • Allow re-ordering of pages or even page subgrouping for organizational purposes, now we are stuck with our early mistakes creating pages without specific order

  • Allow resizing of left panel width ( many table and query names are cropped due to a long title, like )

  • Create a ready-made API source for table connection

  • For each organization, allow settings for primary color
    ( default button color = brand color from settings ) which can also be applied to table select shade of green = shade of brand color )

  • Add collapse all trees to left nav actions ( currently scrolling up and down to go back to the top is a pain )

  • is there going to be a " Update Appsmith to Latest Release" in-app button that installs the latest updates ( since you are on fire making updates, notifying us inside the app about the new release, and super easy click to update would be great, to stop asking developers to update it every time)

  • Allow custom icon change to page icon

  • Allow browser tab favicon to change from settings ?

-No widgets yet. Please click the + icon on the Widgets group to drag and drop widgets,
this can be eased by adding count next to widget/api/query

APIs (0) +
DB Queries(3) +
Widgets (1) +

  • Chat with us in the header (?) navigates to GitHub 404

  • Version control? Change History? Recovery point in time?

I :orange_heart: appsmith_

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Hi :wave: @zamer
You can submit feature requests here

We have a few of the ones you mentioned filed below, you can comment on them to help get them prioritized :slight_smile:

  1. Page ordering
    [Feature] Ability to set page order · Issue #2786 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

  2. Organization styling
    [Enhancement] Application Themes + Custom Class for custom CSS for widgets · Issue #3183 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

  3. We auto-update all instances using watchtower. You don’t have to take any action to get the latest version.
    You can read the release notes from the home page in the what’s new section!

  4. We’ll enable showing the app icon as the browser favicon soon. This is the issue
    [Feature] Show the app icon in the nav bar · Issue #2484 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

  5. Version Control will be ready sometime late august :slight_smile:
    [Epic] Git Sync & Version Control · Issue #3199 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

Thanks for reporting the issue with the 404! I’m raising a fix for it now

Please do raise issues for the coda integration & improving the entity explorer :slight_smile: