FaunaDB's GraphQL endpoint always responds with 400 error

I’d like to use FaunaDB as my database with Appsmith. I’m getting an error “Execution failed with status 400 BAD_REQUEST” and it appears I haven’t set up my datasource correctly. It looks like FaunaDB only needs a header of the form Authorization: Bearer <FAUNA_SECRET>' [GraphQL endpoints | Fauna Documentation].

My request looks like:

"Authorization":"Bearer my-key"

Any suggestions?

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Hello @DanielKehoe, welcome to Appsmith community!

GraphQL APIs usually only respond to POST method requests. I believe that’s the problem that you are facing as well, since you are using the GET method to hit a GraphQL endpoint.

The FaunaDB documentation doesn’t appear to clarify this point unfortunately, so I couldn’t confirm. Please try changing the method to POST to see if it works?

Also, I think you also need a POST body containing the GraphQL query you want to execute. This query will depend on your schema and what data access or manipulation you intend for perform.


Thanks! Changing from GET to POST was what I needed. Now I get a database connection. I’m now getting “No usable value for query” so I’ll try sorting out the GraphQL query next.

Glad you have it working! Feel free to open a new topic if you need help with anything else. :smiley: