Extracting error message from a API call throwing a PluginExecutionError - [PE-RST-5000]

Hello, everyone

I am trying to display an API response as an alert message without success. In my case, when the API responds a 409 error the Query.data field is filled with a generic and shallow “API Execution Error” with an identification code PluginExecutionError - [PE-RST-5000] . Overall, this API datasource and its queries work pretty well. The only issue is how to properly capture the error/response message.

I have already displayed API error messages before by accessing the response in the Query.data field, but in this particular case this method doesn’t work. The real API response is buried in the error trace only accessible in the Error tab. A try-catch or accessing the Query.data approaches stop in the generic API execution Error.

How do I access this error trace and show it to my App users?

I am running the image appsmith-ee, version 1.9.9 on ECS - Fargate.

Hey @murilo.hoias! This is a known issue and we’re working on it now. The fix will reveal the original error message in the response. You can track the progress of it in this issue. Please leave a comment with your use case.

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