Execution Failed With Status 5000

Hi There - I was following an Appsmith+Airtable tutorial and I keep getting this error:

Execution failed with status 5000

I get this error after hitting submit on a form with an onClick event.

Here’s a screenshot of the error + query:

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Hey @AppSmither, I’m not sure which tutorial you’re following, can you share us the link here?

I’ve just checked my airtable-app and it’ works fine, you can follow the tutorial that’s here: Learn how to create a CRUD application on top of Airtable.

Hi @vihar - This is the tutorial I was following: How To Use The Airtable Integration On Appsmith - YouTube

What’s strange is that when I hardcode the data the data is added to Airtable just fine, but when I add the {{Input1.text}}, Airtable receives the event but not the data… i.e. a blank row is added.

@AppSmither Can you try adding double quotes around the binding

"name" : "{{Input1.text}}"