Execution failed on Queries

I have some problem about my query result.
I’ve connected with postgresql.
Generally queries are running but i have one view that i got error message when i am running
select * from View.

Here is the error message
Execution failed

But i can run one by one result from this view.
I was trying to find the rows which has problem. I found some but they are the same as other rows plus after that when i try it again with that rows it works.
But this time other data has problem.

By the way View is working fine in Postgresql DB

is there any bug on Appsmith?
Could you help me pls?

Best Regards.

@impala64 Checking with someone from the team who can help you fix this error.

@impala64 Can you please tell if you are running the query via a REST API method ? Is your application on app.appsmith.com or is it self hosted ? Can you please tell what data types you have defined in your table column and how many rows you are tyring to fetch at a time ?

My application is on appsmith.xxx.cloud self hosted.
I connected DB directly not over Rest API.
Using directly adding Query on connected DB.
I have Charachter Varying ,Text and Numeric types in my table.
Normally there is around 100 rows but i even tried to reach 10 or less rows.
I have 2 databases connected with similar datas. The same query run over one of them on Appsmith
but in another DB i got error messages.
As i told before it runs without any problem both DB in Postgresql.

Best Regards.