Example import text for create message app

Hello everyone, I ask you to help implement a possibly simple task in AppSmith

. I have a text file that contains, for example:
“User1: Hi
User2: Hello
There is a background image (example in the screenshot). How to automatically substitute the text User1 in Text.User1 and User2 in Text.User2 on the screenshot?

Hi @jamessigur! The requirements are a little unclear here. Can you give me some background on what it is that you are trying to build? More over I’d also like to understand what is Text.User1? It doesn’t look like Appsmith UI to me.

I’m sorry, I’ll try to explain: I have a text file with a backup chat of 2 people, I need to create an application so that the text, nickname and time are copied from this text file in the form of let’s look at what is shown in the screenshot above

I think it’s possible to create with the list widget. Although, it doesn’t provide infinite scrolling but you can do pagination there.