Error while deploying the Application

@lavanya1 Could you provide more details as to how get_webinar_data is being called so that we can help debug the issue?

In edit mode everything fine. In Deploy mode i am getting this ERROR. ( get_webinar_data ) Its a mongoDB query. Table data i.e {{}}.

Is the query set to run on page load?

yes, set to run on page load.

@lavanya1 Hey there, does this error persist when you try to reload the page or does it only occur after deploying the app?

While deploying and reloading it is coming.

Can you confirm if the Query property below has been toggled on?

Yes, the toggle button is on.

Then only i can load the data while loading the page.

Can you share the app with out support team?

Is there any update on this? I’m seeing the same behavior. Strangely these errors are showing up even though the API queries appear to have been executed. I really can’t deploy my app with error messages like this popping up.

@jdufault Apologies for the issue you are facing. We are fixing this on priority. Here’s the link to track the Github issue.

Ok, thank you. I appreciate the rapid response!

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