Error when reading Numbers from Google Sheets ending on 'F'

Hi, I have a Google Sheet setup which contains hexadecimal IDs. While trying to read the whole sheet without any Conditions works just fine, I’ve been getting error Messages as soon as I query with conditions.
I narrowed the issue down to IDs ending on number ‘F’. The error message is:
“Error while interacting with value 2E42036F : Not a digit… The data type value was being parsed to was : DOUBLE”.

Any change of format in Google sheets has not solved this issue. The only Workaround for me right now is putting a space in the IDs and force Appsmith to read it as text.

Thanks in advance for any Held fixing this.


@david_enna We created an issue for this and can be tracked here - [Bug]: Hexadecimal strings in Google Sheets being recognized as doubles when inserting into H2 · Issue #12028 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

In the meantime, we are also trying to see if there is a workaround

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