Error showing in console for dropdowns which has no default value

While look into the console of the application there are lot of errors regarding the js object that async function is called in sync field . Also getting warnings for widgets that have no default values.
How to remove these errors from console . Application is working fine even if there is errors anyway.
Can you suggest any solution.

@Ginjo Sorry about these console errors. Regarding the async ones, we are working on a fix. I believe it’s this one here - [Bug]: Unexpected error and logs of unEval values in console due to current `isFunctionAsync` check · Issue #12639 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub . You can also check this workaround suggested by one of our team members here - Discord
Quoting it below

I’ve seen similar errors in the console from onPageLoad JS Objects that process API responses, if the API hasn’t run yet and doesn’t have data. It might help to use optional chaining in your array.forEach(): Optional chaining (?.) - JavaScript | MDN Or you could add a condition to return false if there’s no data:

if(!{return 'missing data'} of code

Not sure about the defaultValue warnings. I’ll check with the team and get back on that.

@dancia Thank you for the support. I will try with the workaround and let you know.

@dancia . Thank you for the support . Tried with the workaround but issue exists. Anyway waiting for the issue to be fixed .

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Hey! Can you please confirm if the issue still exists for you?

Hi, @pranav The errors are gone but the default value warnings are still there.