Email with international characters

I have a SMTP-datasorce to send emails from and it is working great…
Only one problem. International characters.
Here in Sweden we use åäö ÅÄÖ in our language and it is no problem with the subjet of emails - here it is correct but in the body of the message it get a bit strange.

If I send it to my gmail-account it it like Cyrillic letters (едц ЕДЦ) and if I send it to my work-email I get squares with questionmark inside ��� ���.

What can I do to solve it?

Subject in bind to inp_subj.text (only a input-widget)
and with body I have been trying with Richtext-widget and input-widget with the same result.

Hey @nicfrick! Welcome to the Appsmith Community :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed description. Would like to ask a favour before I raise an issue. Can you try normal input widget for body as well and confirm if you are facing the same issue.

I am trying to understand if the issue is with the widget or SMTP plugin.
Thanks in advance

Hi and thanks @pranav,

First I tried with normal input widget with error so I tried the RichText-widget. Same result on both in the body.