Document Viewer data from Filepicker


I’m trying to load a .pptx file in a Document Viewer widget from a Filepicker widget. Document viewer widget displays “Current file type is not supported”. Documentation says that .pptx filetype is supported and .ppt in base64 is not. Is it a bug? The only filetype it can load from Filepicker is .pdf. Others like docx or xlsx are throwing an error.


Hey @vladandreit!
I am really sorry that you are facing this issue. You see I am able to use the PPTX file in the doc viewer.
Try this URL -

To debug this further, can you please share the screenshot of the original error and the PPTX file URL you want to display?

I’m tring to display a pptx file from Filepicker widget not an URL.

I have just stumbled across the same problem. The Document Viewer can only open one URL. Is there no way to display the file from the filepicker upload?

Hello @franz! Can you share a sample file that you would like to upload via the Filepicker widget and display in the Document viewer so we can try this out and find a solution?

Hi Amelia,

after playing around a bit I noticed that it works quite simple after all (probably too simple :-))

I can display the File from the filepicker. In the document link of the document viewer:

Sorry, this actually solves the issue.