Docker Installation Successful but Appsmith Connection Refused

Not sure if this goes here or if I need to go straight to github issues?

I’m attempting to install on-premise via docker and no matter what I try the connection to my Appsmith instance is refused. I have already investigated the firewall and have tried with rules, without rules, and completely disabled. No matter what I try I get connection refused.

Disclaimer: Appsmith runs on a headless Ubuntu server, so I have no way to test localhost connections.

Is there by chance a docker environment variable I need to allow remote connections?

If I need to ask this on github issues, please let me know.


Hi @jpop You asked in the right place. Could you provide more information about the error you are seeing and share the docker logs. docker logs -f appsmith

Hey thanks for replying. Sorry for the delay. So the issue seems to be only on root level port numbers less than 1024. When I restart the container with a higher port number on the host side it works. I’m running VM/Container host, so there are no other services installed locally besides AppSmith.

Right now AppSmith is running on port 8080 host side. We actually have been using it like that ever since. Which is part of why I haven’t replied :rofl: we are finding AppSmith to be the missing link. Better said, we absolutely love it :heart_eyes: and are trying to absorb as much as we can to be able to use it better.

I can spin up another instance using the default command line, capture the logs, and post them here for troubleshooting. Let me know if you’d like to do that. It is no trouble for me.