Docker image includes mongodb server?

I try to self host appsmith on Oracle cloud using docker and I’m not sure if the docker image comes with a mongodb server or I must connect to a separate mongodb server?
Going to Settings → Advanced I did found a connection string to mongodb and a note saying that appsmith use internally mongodb, so I’m a little confused about what that means.

Could you clarify this, please?


@dracgol When you self-host Appsmith, it comes with internal MongoDB. However, you can also connect it to an external MongoDB if you prefer that. Custom MongoDB & Redis - Appsmith

Thanks for the reply @dancia !
I can’t figure this one out: if I want to use MongoDBwith Appsmith, do I need to deploy a separate container for MongoDB or the one included with the Appsmith image is enough?
I only ask this because I can’t figure out a way to interact with the internal MongoDB in order to create new collections, to import or export data or to connect to the database using an external app like MongoDB Compass.

Any idea on this?

You don’t need to create a separate container. The credentials for the internal MongoDB will be in stacks/configuration/docker.env file. However, we highly recommend not to make changes in the Appsmith internal DB,as it quite sensitive and this could potentially break your apps.

Hi, I tried connecting to the internal MongoDb using Compas and the indicated credentials, but they appeared to be incorrect and connection got refused over and over again. Should I have changed the credentials?
Anyway, I ended up running a different container in order to import my database and use it in an app I was building.
Is this the intended way to use appsmith? One container for appsmith and one for database?

@dracgol for your own data, appsmith is meant to be used with an internal mongoDB instance. The mongoDB inside the docker container is primarily for Appsmith to run it’s application logic

Thank you all for the answers, they are really useful to better understand Appsmith. You may consider this topic closed .