Do not display headers in API query return


I’m performing an authentication in an API and in the header the API returns the Authorization parameter with the token generated in the jwt. In the Postman app I see the return in the header, but in the appsmith I don’t. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @josenias! Welcome to the Appsmith community!

I am really sorry you are facing this issue. You are absolutely right in expecting the headers to show up there. Can you share the version no. you are on?
Could you please try checking the value of {{<API_name>.responseMeta.headers}}?

Hello my friend!

The version is 1.8.3.

It’s my first contact with the tool and I’m a little lost. See if it would be like this to see the value of the variable.

I updated to version 1.8.4 and it has the same error.

Can you check if you are able to see the value of the headers if you bind it in a Text widget?

Hi Amelia,

I can see the header in the text field.

Hello @josenias, we are sorry for the problems that this issue may be causing you. It seems that this is due to a bug and an issue has already been opened on GitHub to give it a solution as soon as possible.

Thank you very must @felix-appsmith