Dispalying Data related

Can I display(with scrolling) 15,000 rows in Appsmith from 2,00,000 data ?

Hey Naveen,

Can I ask what the use-case is here? What application are you looking to build using Appsmith that requires 15,000 rows to be displayed in a single table?

So that I can download CSV/ EXCEL file of 15000 rows.

@Naveen_Reddy instead of displaying all 15000 rows, an efficient way to achieve this would be to query the rows and download them at the time of click and clear the data after. The code could look something like
{{ FetchRecords.run(() => {
download(FetchRecords.data, “recorddata.csv”);

This would ensure that all 15000 rows which are not needed to be displayed all the time can be quickly download without occupying memory and views