Deploying in Google Cloud Run


Are there instructions on how to deploy in Google Cloud Run?

I have attempted to do it and I get the following error:

org.springframework.beans.factory.UnsatisfiedDependencyException: Error creating bean with name ‘instanceConfig’ defined in URL


Personally, I haven’t tried using Google Cloud Run before.

Can you share the steps that you followed? Are you building & running the code from source? Or using our pre-built Docker containers?

Also, can you please share the entire stack trace that you are seeing?

Hi Arpit,

Thanks for your kind feedback.

  1. The steps are per the Google Cloud Run guidelines

  2. Using the pre-built container here: docker pull appsmith/appsmith-server:latest

  3. Log file attached in JSON format



(Attachment downloaded-logs-20220107-152436.json is missing)

Hi Arpit,

The attachment in my previous email has been rejected by your email server due to the extension json. I am retrying here with an extension webp although it is a json file.

(Attachment downloaded-logs-20220107-152436.webp is missing)

Hey Andreas

Not sure why Discourse is rejecting your attachments.

As a shot in the dark, is it possible for you to please use the image: appsmith/appsmith-ce:latest ? By any chance does it work with that?

I will try the suggested image. For the time being get the logs via WeTransfer. Here is the link:


I have tried image appsmith/appsmith-ce:latest To make it worl in Cloud Run you have to increase memory to 1Gib (default is 512). The container runs OK. I get error 401 when trying to connect.

I have increased memory to 2Gib and it now runs as expected.

So you can add the Cloud Run option to the installation page

Hello, I’m trying to deploy appsmith to google cloud run as well. Could I please ask for the steps/configurations you made? I’m currently having trouble setting this up.

I’m getting this error: “Container failed to start. Failed to start and then listen on the port defined by the PORT environment variable.”

Hello @GDevs! We officially don’t support Google Cloud Run yet.
Our containers are stateful and hence Cloud Run wouldn’t be a great fit to run them. However, if you want to try it regardless with an external MongoDB/Redis configuration, etc, please go ahead and share your findings with our community.