Deploy without being forced to commit with git?

I have git enabled within Appsmith. It works very well when I want to commit changes.

HOWEVER, there are times when I need to make changes, deploy to test the changes, make more changes, test, repeat over and over. Once I am happy with the changes I would then like the option to commit to my repo. Is it possible to deploy for the sake of testing without being forced to commit to the repo for every deployment?

Hi Rickerdo,

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I see your point about deploying changes without needing to commit to the repo. I’ll add this as an enhancement to the git feature. Do you have any other ideas or requests for the git sync feature? We are working on improvements for the git sync right now, so please do share any other ideas to improve the feature.

Just following up here. To test your new changes, you could use the ‘preview’ button.

I’ve created an issue to track your request, please follow it to be notified when a change occurs.

Thanks for the quick response and the preview tip. It does work for me as a temporary solution. However, in preview mode, hidden columns appear in my tables, which forces a horizontal scrollbar on my tables.

I was very impressed with how easy it was to incorporate a repo. It’s rare that something just “works as advertised right out of the box”. Nice work.

My only feedback regarding git integration is that it would be ideal if the Deploy button behaves the same regardless of git integration being enabled or not. Then, have the Deploy drop down present the option to commit to the configured git repo, OR remove git integration from the Deploy button altogether because there is already a commit button in the bottom left corner…


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Another great feature would be being able to revert to the most recent commit/push. I don’t see a way to roll things back.

@vernons The ability to discard changes is also being worked on currently. You can track updates here - feat: git discard changes by IAmAnubhavSaini · Pull Request #11835 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

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@vernons you can also revert all commits till the commit that you want and push it to the branch to rollback to that commit