Delete Item in DynamoDB

I´d like to delete an Item from a DynamoDB table.
I use following query:

	"TableName" : "blocked-numbers",
  	      "Item" : {
		    "phoneNumber" : "{{Table1.selectedRow.phoneNumber}}"

phoneNumber is the partition key of the table.

Anyone how could help me here?

Hi Peter! Do you get an error? Can you please share a screenshot or screen recording of the issue?

@Amelia Yes I get “An unexpected error occurred”

Are you able to run other queries successfully on that database? E.g., to fetch or update/insert data?

Yes, I can add e.g a new item to that table. so the database is setup correctly. There´s only an issue with the query which I can´t solve. I already tried around a lot but can´t find the right syntax.