Date display format in tables

Appsmith displays dates of my database (2023-03-23 08:12:52) as 2023-03-23 05:12:52 in the Table widget. I believe it is because of the timezone of the servers. However, I cannot figure out how to set the Display Format in order to add three hours.
How can I do it?

Hello Emiliano, and welcome to our community!
This happens due to the timezone. You can use moment().tz to fix it: Moment Timezone | Home
Here is also a sample app on date formatting: Appsmith

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Thanks for the welcome and for replying!
The thing is that Appsmith, when saving a date, saves it correctly (same time as the computer). However, then it displays is minus three hours. Do you know how to correct it, without changing the way the dates are saved? I mean, using some code in the Display Format of the column.

Can you share a screenshot of the column settings pane for this date column?