Custom Charts Support


I was trying to add custom charts. I have added a pie chart as a custom chart as I wanted to change some of the formatting and there were more options via the custom chart and the data is displaying how I wanted. However the bug report keeps giving me an error that the chart needs x and y values, while the custom chart is successfully displaying the data with value and label keys. Is there a way to get rid of these errors?

I also wanted to display a custom multiseries stackedcolumn2d chart type however I am getting a message saying that this is not supported. Is there support coming for this chart type or an alternative I can use?


Hi there! Can you try reloading the app and see if this error goes away? Also, Can you share the following information if the error persists:

  1. Are you on appsmith cloud or self-hosted?
  2. What version of appsmith are you on?

Regarding the stackedcolumn2d chart, could you share a loom recording to demonstrate this behaviour?