Cursor focus behavior


Have a few questions or feature requests regarding about how fields are focused an an Appsmith App.

As an exemple, I have a form like this (dashes are used to show the relative size of each):

–Input-- --Input–
–Input-- --Input–
–Input-- --Input–
------- Input -------
------- Input -------

And fields are focused in the following order:
2 1
4 3
5 6

I believe this in the same order in which I’ve created them… Is there any way to change the focus order?

Also related… Is it possible to automatically focus the search field of a table on load?

Noticed also that some controls (like Icon Buttons, Buttons and Selects without value) do not show any outline when focused. Is this supposed to happen

@affarinha We have an open issue for a feature to enable users to specify tab index on a form. You can track it here - [Feature] Set custom tab index of widgets in a form widget · Issue #7757 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

Also, unfortunately as of today it is not possible to auto focus the search field of the table on page load. And thanks for flagging about the certain control not highlighting the focus outline. I’ll raise an issue on this.

Hi dancia,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll wait for it!