Currency Input Widget


i used the Currency Input Widget for e.g. a calculated Value of 3253.82. But the Currency Widget Shows 352.382. If i display the same value in a “normal” input Widget it shows the right value. See the Screenshot

I tried all the Settings (0,1,2)for “Decimals” in the Currency Widget, but it changed nothing.

am i doing something wrong ? any tips welcome.


Hi Franz,

Is your locale using . or , as decimal separator?
I think it is related to this issue: [Enhancement]-[84]:Currency widget should allow `,` to be used as decimal seperator · Issue #14261 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

Hi Amelia,

the decimal separator is . i can´t enter an , for decimal seperation.

The values are correct display until you enter a value which contains decimals.
3815.00 is displayed right, but 3815.15 ends in 381.515

I am quite sure this must be an bug.

Hi Franz,

Are you sure that the decimal separator is . in your country? Because this issue is only happening if the decimal separator is , and the thousands separator is .
The currency widget currently does not allow the comma as the decimal separator, hence the bug.
Check the list of countries that use the comma as the decimal mark.

Hi Amelia,

I use . as decimal separator. I even typed the value. The result is as described.
In our country , is the decimal separator, but if I don’t use it, the widget should still show the correct value.

To me it still looks like a bug and the currency widget is not usable like this, because no matter how I type the value, the value is not displayed correctly if it contains 4 digits + 2 digits decimal.

Hi, thanks for reaching out. We are aware of the issue and already fixed it here - [Enhancement]-[84]:Currency widget should allow `,` to be used as decimal seperator · Issue #14261 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub, it’s currently undergoing testing and should be live in the next version or the one after that. If you want to try out, we can share a preview of the fix for you to test

Hi Dilip,

thank you, I am relieved that I am not completely too stupid after all. :smile: