Connecting to bitbucket using custom ssh port

I’m trying to connect my appsmith app to git (bitbucket) but my company uses a custom port for the ssh configuration, so the remote URL looks as follows:

I followed the instructions on how to connect to bitbucket to a T, but appsmith just can’t connect.
We also have a Gitlab server to which I was able to easily configure appsmith to connect to, but this server is going away in a few weeks so I need to connect my app to Bitbucket. The only difference I see between the 2 configurations is that the one for Gitlab does not contain a custom ssh port, it uses the default one.

So my question is: Does appsmith support connecting to a bitbucket server using a custom SSH port?


Hey @ben.lazaro,

Unfortunately we do not support connecting to a git service with custom port.


@ben.lazaro we also added this as a feature request to be tracked here

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