Comment and Mention System

Does Appsmith support creating simple comment and mention system? Doesn’t need to be nested like FB comment, or very advanced like Appsmith collaborate feature (where we can add comment anywhere in a page). Something simple like adding comment, show comments in chronological order, and ability to mention someone in it.

@blaszta We do have have a comments mode in Appsmith. You’ll find it on the top left next to the app name.

Hi Dancia,

Thanks for replying. What I mean is creating Comment and Mention system for user of the app (not during development).

Yes, it might be a little bit confusing since Appsmith has their own commenting system for development use.

Ah sorry about the confusion. However, signed in users can still add comments on the deployed version of the app. We also have an open issue for Slack integration for comments. You can explain your use case there and upvote it -[Feature]: Slack integration for comments · Issue #10929 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

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Many thanks for the clarification :smiling_face: